Our favourite regional drinks makers

Missing the pub? Yes, us too!

Whilst you can’t order ‘the usual’, now is a great time to try out some new drinks. So we’ve compiled a list of our favourite local drinks makers for you to try. Each one brings something a little different to the market that you won’t get from the big brands (plus it’s the perfect time to support local businesses right now.)

Seriously, ordering a bottle for the weekend counts as ‘doing your bit’!

Public spirit alcohol, ideal for our outdoor drinks cooler
  1. The Public Spirit, Manchester

Blended from 5 carefully sourced rums from The Americas, Public Spirit rum is completely unique and completely delicious! They are passionate about crafting in small batches to ensure the highest quality in every drop. It’s available in Original and Spiced varieties AND they give a quarter of all profits made to charities supporting local communities. Tastes good and feels good!

Gin bottle kept cool with our garden drinks cooler
  1. Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin, Orkney

Inspired by Nordic myth in name and flavour, Orkney gin is crafted from a unique blend of local botanicals and bere barley, for the ‘modern, discerning gin enthusiast’. Check out their ‘perfect serve’ suggestions for each bottle to serious upgrade your G&Ts. They’re currently offering 10% off everything so get in there quick!

Cool cocktail kept fresh with our garden drinks cooler
  1. Aber Falls, North Wales

Situated in the heart of North Wales, Aber Falls produces premium gin specially crafted from entirely Welsh ingredients, from the unique botanicals to the water filtered from the Snowdon mountain range. From a classic dry gin (for the perfect G&T) to a violet liqueur, they truly have something for all tastes. And really snazzy bottles that we think would make a great centre piece with your drinks cooler

Shinning Cliff Gin kept cool with our free standing wine cooler
  1. White Peak, Peak District

A family-run distillery with a rich history that hand crafts a range of elegant gins and whiskies. Inhabiting a former  19th century wire works, their mission is to keep the heritage of their location alive. From the old water pumping systems still used in their distilling process, to the Victorian style labels, these are spirits that truly have a story to tell. And if you want to find out more, they have a whiskies enthusiasts club offering exclusive access to limited edition bottles. 

Mondo brewing kit, ready for the outdoor drinks cooler
  1. Mondo Brewing Company, London

If beer is more your thing, Mondo Brewing is an independent brewery based in South West London. As well as a core collection of craft beers, they offer a range of seasonal varieties, meaning there’s always something new to try. are They also offer mini kegs, perfect for the next family BBQ or Friday night in!

 Expand your drinking horizons. Mix it up. Support local businesses, and get your bottle on ice in your drinks cooler for the perfect pub alternative.

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