Keeping the kids entertained during half term (Lockdown Edition)

If you think home-schooling has been hard for you, imagine what it’s been like for your kids! School is about so much more that academic learning and they’ve lost all of it in the last few months. 

The idea of another week stuck at home might be filling you with dread.  But as a family, you deserve a break from the pressures of home-schooling. Think of it as an opportunity to give your kids back some of those things they’ve been missing. Here’s a few ideas for how to keep the whole family entertained this half term…

Enjoy the great outdoors

One of the biggest challenges of online learning is sitting in front of a screen all day. It’s hard enough for the rest of us, but it’s especially hard for children that are used to stimulation from the classroom.

So aim to get them outside in the fresh air! It’s no secret that fresh air is good for the mind and soul. If your little ones aren’t keen on ‘going for a walk’, make it into the scavenger hunt! It’s instantly more exciting and will keep them entertained for hours. Either make your own list or print off one like this.

Or have a campfire in the garden! You can’t beat huddling underneath a blanket together, admiring the stars and toasting marshmallows on sticks. Grab some biscuits and your outdoor drinks cooler and you’ve got the perfect s’more building station!

P.E. with you!

There’s a reason Joe Wicks became the face of lockdown 1.0 – he made exercise fun for the whole family! Half term is the perfect opportunity for everyone to have a break from screen time and get moving!

Why not set up your own family Olympics in your garden or park? Choose all the family favourites, and get as silly as you like! From the good old fashioned egg and spoon race to a penalty shootout to who can hula-hoop for the longest! It’s an easy way to get the whole family moving, and you could even create a score sheet for a little healthy competition! Don’t forget to stock up your drinks cooler with their favourite drinks and snacks for half time!

Get creative

Your online learners may be acing their phonics and maths, but they might be missing some of their favourite subjects from school! Get those creative juices flowing with your kids’ favourite hobbies. We love these simple craft ideas that use stuff you probably already have around the house.

If you have some budding performers, help them put on a show! They could make up a dance routine, perform their latest piano piece or act out their favourite movie! Make them feel extra special by setting out chairs, sending invites to all members of the household and of course, setting up your table drinks cooler for the interval.

Take a (virtual) day trip

If you usually like to soak up culture with your kids in half term, all is not lost! Did you know lots of museums and attractions are offering virtual tours and activities at this time? The Melbourne Aquarium offers live streams of their tanks including feeding time for the penguins! It may not be as good as the real thing, but it’s definitely something different!

Have fun together

More than anything, your kids are probably just craving fun and company. If home-school has raised tensions in your house, try to rediscover having fun together! Let them guide you and come up with ideas. If their favourite day trips aren’t possible right now, see if someone has come up with a home alternative (we bet they have!). You can even go bowling in your own living room nowadays!

In a time of laptop learning and isolation, aim for a half term that is focused on fun, family and freedom. You’ve all earned it! 

Photo by Allan Mas from Pexels

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