Lockdown Cocktails – easy drinks ideas for at home

Anyone else missing drinking cocktails? I think we’d be right in saying that alcohol consumption at home has increased somewhat due to the current situation. And that’s ok. With pubs and bars closed, we’re having to get creative in the kitchen.

But if you’re bored of drinking the same old drinks, we’ve found a few exciting cocktails you can create with what you should already have in your kitchen.

The Quarantini

Ok, we’ll be honest...it’s just a Martini with an inventive name! The beauty of a Martini is its simplicity. Just three ingredients is all it takes for this hugely refreshing cocktail. If you’re cooking a meal for your partner as part of a quarantine date night, these cocktails are the perfect tipple to start the evening with. 

You’ll need some ice for most of these cocktails, so if you’re serving them at the table, it might be an idea to get an ice cooler to keep everything nice and cool. Our coolers can be purchased with a chopping board for the top, so you can keep your cocktail ingredients in the cooler, and use the chopping board to prepare and act as a table if you’re sat outside in the garden.


60ml vodka or gin
1 tbsp dry vermouth
Olive or lemon peel to garnish

Mix the vodka or gin and vermouth together with a little ice, and pop into a Martini glass if you have one. Garnish with some lemon peel or an olive if you’re feeling those mediterranean vibes.

Classic Mojito

Another refreshing classic, and the perfect way to transport you to warmer climes. Originating in Cuba, mojitos are commonplace on most cocktail lists in bars and restaurants, and they’re surprisingly easy to make. Perfect for the incoming hot weather, this minty mojito is a great drink to sit down and relax in the garden as you top up your tan ready for summer. 

Only requiring a couple more ingredients than the above martini, this classic cocktail is another one you can create with what’s left over in the cupboards!


50ml White Rum
1 good splash of Soda Water
2tsp Caster Sugar
1 Mint Sprig
2 wedges of Lime

Crush two wedges of lime with two teaspoons of sugar. Pick ten mint leaves and place them in the bottom of your glass. Use an insulated tumbler to keep the drink cooler for longer. Add the lime and sugar on top and press down with your spoon. Add a handful of crushed ice and then mix the white rum and soda water together. Pour in and then top the glass with more mint. 

Cranberry Orange Mimosa

This one’s perfect for anyone wanting to recreate a bottomless brunch setting at home. It contains two types of juices, so it’s practically two of your five a day, too…

It’s also perfect for those who are celebrating birthdays whilst on lockdown - if you’re looking to make their day special then breakfast in bed with one of these is a good way to start the day!


Cranberry juice
Orange juice
Prosecco or champagne

It’s as simple as that. Using the rule of thirds, measure a third of each liquid into a suitably sized glass. A champagne flute would be best, though no judgements here if you choose to go for a pint glass. Just make sure that you’ve got a cooler on hand for when you’re ready for a refill!

However you’re spending you time in lockdown, we hope these lockdown cocktails have inspired you to get creative with whatever is knocking around in the kitchen. It’s amazing what you can do with just a few ingredients!

If you’re in need of a cooler to keep your cocktails ingredients cold, check out our range of cooler tables in our shop. And if you have any queries simply fill in the form on our contact page, or email us at contact@outsidegang.com.

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