How to create a holiday at home during lockdown

Lockdown is affecting us all differently. Some people are loving the time spent at home. Others are itching to get out and about again. No matter how you’re handling lockdown, I think we can all agree that these unprecedented times are forcing us to become more creative with our schedules.

Holidays and trips have been cancelled for the foreseeable, so we thought it might be fun to share some ideas about how you can bring the holiday to your home during lockdown.

Whether you’re at home with the kids, living with your partner or friends, or it’s just you and the cats, there are a number of ways you can recreate those vacation vibes.

Camping in the garden

This is a great one for us all - especially if you’ve got kids. Pop up the tent, get the barbecue on the go, and create a wholesome camping environment, complete with marshmallows to roast on the BBQ as the sun begins to set. 

The world is a quieter place right now, so there’s nothing more relaxing than lying outdoors, listening to nature and the world around us. Keep your beers cool and the kids juices fresh in a cooler table. You could even keep breakfast cool for the next morning. No running back to the kitchen for the bacon - keep everything outdoors with you to make it a properly authentic camping experience!

Around the world bar crawl

Visit countries from across the world without even needing to leave the house. Make each room themed, and create a different playlist for each. 

For example, your living room could be Spain. We’re talking jugs of Sangria, Spanish flamenco music and maybe a little paella for when hunger hits. The kitchen could be transformed into a cool Canadian dream. Poutine for snacking on, whiskey for sipping on and a game of ice hockey playing on the TV in the background. It'll be like you're on a different holiday with each room you enter!

And if you’re worried about keeping all of your drinks cool, get them prepped in one of our cooler tables. It could even be the perfect champagne bucket for your french-themed bathroom…

Create your own music festival

Sadly, but understandably, many music festivals and events have been cancelled or postponed for the year. But, who says you can’t bring the music festival to your house or garden?

There are a number of organisations creating opportunities for you to enjoy live music at home. Both United we Stream Berlin and United we Stream Manchester are streaming DJ’s and artists directly from their homes as they perform to a virtual audience. 

Get a stream set up to your speakers or TV at home, don your wellies, and have a good old fashioned dance to some incredible live music. Create a bar set up with an ice bucket and a drinks cooler table, and you’re good to go.

And what’s even better - no festival pricing. Forget paying over the odds for a can of cider, get it at home for free! Glastonbury? What Glastonbury?

However you choose to spend your time, enjoy it. If that means back-to-back episodes of Tiger King on Netflix, or you're recreating your holiday at home, it’s likely we’ll never experience something like this again in our lifetimes.

Stay safe gang, and we’ll still be here on the other side!

If you’ve got a bit of extra time and fancy checking out our range of cooler tables in our shop. And if you have any queries simply fill in the form on our contact page, or email us at

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