How to throw a great house party

Thinking about throwing the most amazing house party? Well now is the perfect time start, especially with the end of Dry January to get the drinks flowing and a chance to celebrate with friends and family.

So, here are a few handy tips, tricks and ideas to ensure your next party is the best one yet!

Keep track of your guests

To help with planning, create a google doc to make a headcount of all the guests you will be inviting. The doc clearly states all the important information, times, upcoming entertainment, and food and drinks available. Keeping track of who’s coming prevents an unwanted number of guests making an appearance and allows you to plan and prepare more efficiently.

Planning food & beverages

Another advantage to making a shared doc, is for guests to specify any dietary requirements so everyone is looked after.

Nibble food you can hold, or 'bowl food' is great for parties. Big pots of chilli and vegan curry go down a treat too. Top tip: use our sustainable bamboo chopping lid to serve your freshly cooked food to guests!

This will also help you to plan beverages – how many bottles of wine, juice, beers etc. are needed to cater to everyone’s preferences. Our coolers can stop people from messing up your fridge and keep your drinks fresh and cool for hours inside! After all, nobody wants to go outside in the cold to grab more booze and let a chilly draft enter the house either!

Make clean ups easy

You never want to feel out of breath cleaning up everyone’s dirty dishes and empty cups the next day (not a morning you want to wake up to!) To avoid this, provide plenty of rubbish bags around the house and access to recycle bins, making sure that these are replaced and disposed of as soon as possible once full.

Arrange entertainment

You don’t have to the break the bank for quality entertainment. Live music provided friends or family members and investing in a karaoke machine are great ways to get people involved for some musical fun!


Naturally an amazing house party needs the right amount of lighting to make all the difference. Adding candles or fairy lights helps to create low lit vibes and more of a relaxed atmosphere. Or, add a touch of colour with subtle neon lighting to illuminate any room (just like our waterproof LED lights for your cooler) – perfect for dancing!

Be considerate of noise

When there’s a party, there’s music, and this may be a cause of concern for neighbours when it comes to loud noises or chatting. Invite your neighbours or let them know in advance about the party to establish a friendly atmosphere. If things get too rowdy, then speak to guests directly and confidentially in a polite manner, as well as turning the volume of music down to a suitable level.

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