How to keep drinks cold at a party

Whaahooo, you’re having a party! But your fridge is full of food for the guests... With an ice bucket/cooler, you can chill drinks for 16+ hours (that's a long party) providing you create the best environment for your beers and wine! (There's a bit of science behind it) Here's a few tips to ensure your drinks stay cold at a party!

free standing wine cooler on kitchen counter

Use an insulated cooler table/ice bucket – The way our insulated coolers work is, when the lid is on, the warmer air outside the cooler has a smaller chance of getting in as the insulated cooler walls and lid act as a barrier. We always tell our customers to always add ice as this will cool the air down inside, which keeps your drinks cooler for longer.

Keep it shut! – It’s easy to think the ice alone will do all the chilling, but it’s the cool air from the ice that keeps the temp down and your drinks nice and cold. Don’t be a div. Grab your drink then put the lid back on.

Put the ice in last – a common mistake to make is putting the ice in first then wedging your bottles and cans into it. A more effective way of keeping ice cold is by adding the ice on top which acts as a barrier for when the lid opens and warm air rushes in.

Freeze party balloons as epic ice cubes!! – You can buy water bomb balloons online, roughly 100 for £2. Fill them with water, tie and freeze. Add them to your cooler with the drinks then when they have thawed you can refreeze and use again. Make different sizes so you can fill any size gap.

Fill it to the brim – this limits the amount of warm air inside the cooler.

Chill drinks before they go into the cooler – If you have the space in the fridge, chill as much as you can before they go into the cooler or alternately, keep your drinks outside or in the garage before popping in the cooler.

Our super snazzy drinks coolers have been designed to look the part, so bring it indoors, stand it in your kitchen or sit it on your work surface. They are a modern take on an ice bucket or wine chiller.

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