Why your garden needs a drinks cooler

News just in: freedom is coming our way and it’s definitely a dish best served cold! If you’re busy planning a summer of reunions, BBQs and drinks in the garden, you NEED an outdoor drinks cooler for the perfect summer experience. We might not be able to go on holiday this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of the summer. Why not transform your garden into your own mini getaway?


Outdoor drinks cooler in the garden next to sunbed

Create a garden getaway 

The chances are, you’ve spent a lot of time at home recently. Your house may well have become your office and/or school for your children! One of the biggest issues with working from home is that there’s no separation between working and chilling out. That’s where your garden getaway comes in: a little haven where you can relax in the sun with friends and family, forget about work and sip your favourite drinks from your garden drinks cooler.

You know that feeling on holiday when you get back from a day on the beach…you have a shower and then you chill on the balcony in the evening sun, drinks and snacks in hand, and maybe a game of cards? Who says you can’t have that at home? All it takes is a little preparation.


Outdoor drinks cooler on the terrace

The ultimate garden set up

When you think about the money you’re saving by not going on holiday this year, it makes sense to give your garden a little TLC. And our wine coolers will make the perfect addition to your set up. Your guests are warm around your firepit and your burgers are warm from the BBQ. But no one likes a warm beer! Our coolers make the ideal outdoor cool box: they can hold up to 25 bottles of beer, they look stylish and they can double up as a side table.

Whatever your tipple, we’ve got your covered. Our coolers are able to hold wine, bubbly or beers! If you’re planning a larger gathering, you could even store more bottles underneath until you’re ready to cool them. If you’re hosting a more family friendly event, then fill up your cooler with your kids’ favourite drinks and snacks! Choosing from a drinks cooler in the garden is that little bit more exciting than the boring old fridge!

Garden drinks cooler next to jacuzzi

The key to stress-free hosting

The chance to socialise has been a long time coming. Make those reunions extra special with an outdoor space that feels a world away from the office/house where you’ve spent so much of your time recently. An outdoor drinks cooler means you won’t even have to bother traipsing back into the house all evening to refill drinks. With the lid on, our coolers will keep your bottles cold for up to 16 hours! Why not pair up with some of our insulated tumblers?  No glass, easy to clean and cold drinks for hours!

Picture this: fire-pit lit, burgers on the barbie, drinks on ice in your cooler and friends on their way over. Get ready for the ultimate garden staycation this year with a brand new drinks cooler from Outside Gang.

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