The best family games for your garden

Summer is almost upon us, and that means we’ll all be spending even more time in the garden.

If you’re struggling to find ways to keep everyone entertained outside, we’ve found a whole host of fun outdoor games, perfect for those longer, sunnier days. Whether it’s extra large versions of classic games, something simple and sporty, or games entirely out of the ordinary, there’s something to suit all tastes.


We’ll start simple. Frisbees have been a staple favourite toy for years. They’re light, dynamic and suitable for all ages to play with. You can spend hours just throwing them between a few people or a large group, but there are a couple of cool ways in which you can use your frisbee with your family in the garden too.

Ever played bowling with a frisbee? It’s great fun! Raid your recycling box to find empty water bottles or cartons and line them up in a triangle as you would with bowling pins. The aim of the game is simple: knock the bottles down with the frisbee. It’s a little harder than bowling and should therefore keep the kids engaged for longer. Set up a scoring system and see who can win the most points! If you need some more ideas for games using a frisbee, check out this post.

Giant Garden Jenga

We’ve all played Jenga at some point in our lives, but have you ever played giant garden Jenga? It’s double the fun, and even easier to get the whole family involved. Most XL Jenga sets reach as high as three or four feet, and are also great to play when the kids are in bed and you’re enjoying a glass of wine or two in the garden…


Another simple but effective garden game: football. Simply pass the ball between people, set up a goal between plant pots, or try a kick-up challenge; footballs are hugely versatile, and offer hours of fun. And if the kids get bored of kicking the ball to one another, use it as a handball instead, and set up a game of catch or dodgeball if you’re feeling brave!


If you didn’t play swingball as a kid, did you even really have a childhood? This iconic game is so popular that over 10 million sets have been sold worldwide since they were launched in the 70s. It might seem like an obvious choice, but with so many newfangled toys and games, it’s easy to forget the oldies (and the goodies!)

Perfect for the kids, grandad and even the dog, Swingball have launched kits for football, cricket and netball too. You can now also up the ante with a new ‘wobble’ base, making the game even more entertaining and challenging.

Giant Pass the Pigs

If you’re yet to play the standard, indoor version of Pass the Pigs, the rules are simple. Throw a set of model pigs into the air and see how they fall. Players gain or lose points based on the way the pigs land. Believe us when we say that this game brings hours of fun at the best of times, but the giant outdoor version could actually be even better.

The pigs in the outdoor game are much larger and inflatable. Smaller kids will love the practice of counting by keeping score and older kids (and adults) will enjoy the hilarity of chucking inflatable pigs around the garden. You need to try this one to believe it!

Garden Games compendium

If you’re after something a little more low-key and quiet, this great set from Museum Collection offers five games in one. There are different versions of these sets available to buy, but this version provides snakes and ladders, noughts and crosses, and draughts plus quoits and inflatable dice all in one kit. These garden games are perfect for smaller spaces, or for interactive and mindful play with the whole family.

However you choose to keep the family entertained outdoors this summer, hopefully some of these ideas help to give you some inspiration. If there are any outdoor games you’d like to recommend, comment below to tell us your favourite!

Don’t forget to keep the family refreshed with drinks and snacks whilst outside. Check out our drinks coolers to ensure you’ve got refreshments on hand, without needing to leave the garden. They look pretty cool, too!

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