One of the major benefits the Outside Gang Cooler - New Sure Foot Design.

One of the major benefits the Outside Gang Cooler offers - is its elevated position, whether it is on Short or Tall legs. The reasoning behind this design is to allow air flow underneath the cooler, away from any hot surface - which we all know if you place a traditional cool box on the ground, the heat will simply pass through the cooler. It's a common problem with non elevated designs.

We also consider our coolers a piece of functional furniture - offered in two different height options - optimised for freestanding by your hot tub, essential to keep drinks cold and no-spills in your tub! Also perfect for BBQ's and Pizza ovens - keeping you refreshed and serving pizzas on our chopping board lid. It also keeps the bottom of your cooler clean when draining out or using it at the park or beach.

We've further developed our new foot - the Sure Foot. The new design stops the cooler from sliding even on wet surfaces. Long lasting and weather proof. Essential when on your boat keeping the cooler in place is paramount. Our Sure Foot design gives you confidence that your bottle of wine or soft drinks are safe and chilled at all times! 

Time to relax,

Graham - Founder / Designer.

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