How do insulated tumblers work?

To us, nothing is better than relaxing with a cool refreshing drink in the heat of the summer or sipping a hot steamy brew in the middle of winter.

Similar to travel mugs and water bottles, insulated tumblers are great for keeping your drinks cool or hot for longer periods of time, especially if you go travelling, are hosting a party and want to make the drinks last or simply winding down with a good book and a nice cup of coffee.

But ever wondered how they work? What’s the science behind it?

Well, we’re here to show you!

There are actually four different types of insulation available, ranging from foam insulation to air insulation. The best type is vacuum insulation, which is exactly what we have for our Outside Gang Insulated Tumblers; made from high quality double walled stainless steel.

These two walls have two purposes: To eliminate condensation and maintain your beverage’s temperature by not allowing the heat or cold to escape. Air is taken away to create a vacuum and because heat cannot be transferred through air, the temperature of your hot drink stays constant – staying hot on the inside and cold to the touch!

The same goes for cold drinks. Any heat that may affect the icy coolness of your beer or soft drinks is removed, allowing you to enjoy your chilled beverage for up to 9 hours with our insulated tumblers.

What makes Outside Gang tumblers different is the thin lip at the top for easy, comfortable drinking, with a sophisticated design resembling a stemless wineglass – for a hot or cold drink that’s both functional and stylish no matter the season or occasion.

Plus, unlike most tumbler’s that don’t have any kind of stopper or cover, ours comes with a handy lid for your convenience and are great for keeping bugs from going in your wine in the hot summer weather! 

Check out our colourful selection of insulated tumblers on our website or email us at: for further information about any of our products.

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