Get the party started with a cooler

Bring the life and soul to any party with the Outside Gang Cooler; all you need to let your guests know that they’ve come to the right place for a great time. The multifunctional and sleek drinks cooler saves on clutter and adds a touch of cool to every party, barbecue or event. Plus it looks fantastic in pictures!

Got a killer cocktail idea? Why not mix it in the bowl and serve it with straws? It’s the coolest way to serve your guests some homemade punch. Send us your snaps over on insta! (@outsidegangshop)

Alternatively, make use of the drink cooler's compact insulation and store drinks in it. The Homebird keeps things cool for 16+ hours so party on through!

For a touch of sophistication, how about using our awesome party tray as a serving platter for prosecco or nibbles? Collecting glasses is also a breeze with the champagne tray.

Has someone brought along their favourite fancy gin to share? Use the champagne tray or mineral oiled bamboo chopping lid to chop up limes or cucumbers and serve freshly made G&Ts.

Its cool, iconic design looks great in any garden, next to the barbecue or on the balcony. All of this, plus the ultimate party starter?


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