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Storing your drinks in an average refrigerator with fruits and vegetables isn’t the most stylish idea nor the handiest one when hosting garden parties this summer. Imagine hosting a party on your patio and running back and forth to the kitchen to grab another bottle. It’s tiring and means the host usually becomes a waiter at their own party. To save some space in your fridge, and help you enjoy the party, get yourself a drinks cooler table today!

A cooler table is an impressive way to hold your wine or beer bottles up on your patio or living area. Along with keeping the bottles cool, our Outside Gang cooler table can be used as a chopping board or as a tray for your wine glasses. Perfect for your late-night get-togethers, or even a barbecue party. Read more to find why you need to invest in one. 

drinks cooler table

Why Do You Need A Drinks Cooler Table? 

As the name suggests, you need a drinks cooler table to not only store your beverages but to keep them within arms’ reach on a level platform. Our tables can hold up to 25 bottles of beer or 10 bottles of wine at a time. 

We offer various customising options, such as the choice of legs; short or tall, the option to add a champagne tray, a bamboo chopping board, or even LED lights. You have the liberty to choose what suits your place the most. These cooler tables are multipurpose and look great in kitchens, patios, or even gardens. 


Which Is Better? 

To help you choose the right product for your wine storage and chiller, we have compared our cooler tables with other options available on the market. 


Cooler Table or a Wine Refrigerator

A cooler table is certainly the better choice because as it is much handier and more portable when compared to a refrigerator as it has no electrical cords. Easy on the pockets, the drinks cooler table can be used only when you need it. Other than that, you can easily leave it on your patio or the garage. But for the refrigerator, you will have to store it inside to protect it from any harsh weather conditions, including our beloved British rain. 


Outside Gang’s Cooler Table or any Other Beverage Coolers

Our cooler table for sure. If you choose either a freestanding beverage cooler or an inbuilt one, the latter will have to vent air through the compressor which requires it to be stored in a suitable place at all times. Whereas, a freestanding drinks cooler is a nonelectrical, compact, portable cooler that is safe and fulfils the functions of the purpose of storage and chilling of beverages. 


Benefits of A Cooler Table?

One thing that will upgrade your next party is a drinks cooler table in one of our stylish colours. It is not only a décor item but a very convenient way to store drinks. With this portable cooler in the house, it will ensure that your parties stay in just the room you want. 

This easy to assemble table can be carried with you to your short picnic trips as it needs no pre-chilling. Simply grab a pack of reusable ice cubes from our online store, or buy normal ice, and you are good to go for the next 8 hours, or 16, if you keep the cooler closed. 

To make an impression on your friends and family, you can accessorise the drinks cooler table with water-resistant LED lights, tumblers, or shatterproof wine glasses. The Outside Gang has to be your go-to place for a trendy wine cooler complete shopping haul. With these glorious products, you are bound to make a statement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when buying a drinks cooler? 

While choosing a drinks cooler table, keep in mind the space you want to place the cooler in. either your patio or your lounge, each place requires you a different height and accessories with the cooler table. 


Can I leave the drinks cooler table outside? 

Yes, you can leave an Outside Gang drinks cooler table outside. Just make sure that you clean the table thoroughly before use, as the rain or dust might have made the table dirty from the inside.  You do not have to worry about any rust or decay. 


How long do drinks stay cold on the cooler table? 

The cooler table is designed to keep your wine bottles or any other drinks chill for about 8 hours when left open, and 16 hours when closed. 


How do you pre-chill a cooler?

Drink cooler tables do not require any pre-chilling. Simply add the required amount of ice, or the reusable ones from the Outside Gang before placing the bottles in it. The cooler will do its job from the hereafter. The wine bottles stay cool for approximately 8 hours with the lid open, perfect for your evening party.

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