How To Spend Valentine's Day At Home

It’s February which means there’s lots to celebrate…the end of the January blues, the end of Dry January and of course, Valentine’s Day! But like so many things in recent months, your Valentine’s Day will look a little different this year. No fancy restaurants or cocktail bars, no loved up cinema trips and no romantic weekends away. But fear not, we’ve got you covered with some ultra-romantic ways to spend Valentine’s at home that your other half will love (and won’t break the bank!)

  1. If you can’t go to the restaurant, bring the restaurant to you! Lots of places are offering deliveries at the moment, from Nando’s to Michelin starred fine dining. If you fancy treating yourself, find a local restaurant offering Valentine’s Day tasting menu specials like the Orrery. Who says you can’t get dressed up for a night in your own dining room? Whatever your cuisine of choice, get your glad rags on, light those candles and crack open the bubbly. Why not go the whole hog and decorate the table, complete with champagne cooler, so that you really feel like you’ve stepped out of your house and in to your favourite restaurant?
  1. You can’t beat a good old movie night. This is no average night in so make some extra effort to bring the cinema to your living room. Stock up on your favourite snacks, close the curtains and settle in for a marathon of your favourite movies. If you’re feeling extra, you can even hire a projector and watch on the big screen! We love the look of these themed movie nights with the screen, lighting and themed snacks delivered to your door! Make sure you plan your choices in advance as nothing kills the mood like spending 40 minutes trying to decide what to watch!
  1. Have some fun with DIY cocktails! Always wanted to make cocktails at home but find they just never taste as good? Sign up to an online mixology class over Zoom and learn the secrets from a pro! Or if you prefer to freestyle, just pick up your favourite ingredients and get creative! Set up your own cocktail making station with your drinks cooler, complete with chopping board to add those all-important garnishes to your classy cocktails. 
  1. Enjoy cooking together! Whether your speciality is fillet steak or beans on toast, cooking a meal together can be really fun. After all, it’s about the journey not the destination! Choose your favourite meal, find a recipe and get cooking. Keep it simple and make your own pizzas, or even turn it into a competition, Come Dine With Me style! Take a course each, prepare your best feast (and entertainment) and then crown the winning chef!
  1. Treat yourself and indulge in a chocolate fondue. What’s more romantic than dipping sweet treats in smooth melted chocolate? A chocolate fondue will definitely bring an element of luxury to your evening. Valentine’s is the day to make the effort, especially if your other half is a chocoholic! A readymade dipping box makes it super quick and easy and would make the perfect gift.
  1. Take a break from screen time and have a good old-fashioned games night. If nothing else, lockdown has made us appreciate the simple pleasures in life. Put those phones away and spend some quality time together playing family favourites like cards, scrabble or backgammon. For a fast-paced, competitive word game we’re hooked on Bananagrams – simple, fun and addictive! You could even make it a virtual double date and play a game of Mr and Mrs or Charades with another couple over Zoom.
  1. Plan your next big adventure together! You may not be able to go on holiday right now but there’s nothing stopping you planning your dream getaway. Forget the now for one night and get lost in your future together. Check out this run down of post-lockdown escape ideas for inspiration. Get online, get out the Lonely Planet guides and spend an evening discussing dream locations, reminiscing about past trips and planning your itinerary for good times to come.

The most important thing about spending Valentine’s Day at home is that you make it special in your own way. You don’t have to go out and spend lots of money to do something you wouldn’t usually do. Use it as an excuse to break up the monotony of lockdown and spend some quality time together this Valentine’s Day!

Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels.

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