The cooler from Outside Gang Vs YETI Coolers.

The cooler from outside gang rethought how we approach keeping food and drinks cold whilst entertaining in our homes and in our leisure time. We compare its innovative design to more traditional brands that are aimed at outdoor pursuits such as Yeti, Coleman, Igloo and Dometic. This is a great YETI alternative and made in the UK!


With the introduction of the new and innovative cooler from Outside Gang, the way we think about entertaining in our home and during leisure time has been completely re-envisioned. Literally by thinking 'out-of-the-box' this new style of cooler puts your home, garden and leisure time at the centre of its design. The first thing you notice when compared to traditional ice boxes made by Yeti, Coleman's, Igloo and Dometic, that it's not a box, and instead becomes a surprisingly striking addition to your home, garden or beach and camping gear. It looks as amazing on a kitchen counter as it does on a yacht or next to your home bbq. More akin to a champagne bucket in form but without the melted ice and mess from condensation they tend to suffer. The next thing you'll notice is its modular design with short or tall leg options. The only cooler freestanding cooler we have ever seen. The reason behind those legs is not just to be able to change the height but also to keep it elevated when on the ground. This was an essential element of the design language and function from the start - as Graham, the designer has experienced - patio's tend to get very hot when under the summer sun and that heat transfers through the bottom of your cooler if it's sat on the ground. " We also just prefer to be elevated on its stumpy interchangeable legs! "


It provides an appealing and stylish design to the homeowner. We love the coolers that YETI make, if we are going on a multi-day fishing trip and need to chill consumables for 3-10 days then we would go with IGLOO or YETI. However our customer enjoys a lifestyle and appreciates well-designed products. Loves to BBQ, entertain and spend time outdoors and we recognise when you invest in a BBQ, cooler or furniture it should add comfort and be fun to use. Our coolers are also cheaper than YETI and other brands on the market. 


When it comes to style, the Outside Gang cooler makes a statement. One of the most common reactions we receive is that everyone loves it before they even know what it is! The sleek and modern design is available in a range of colors, from classic Olive to vibrant tangerine, and will look great on the beach or in your kitchen. The traditional brands, on the other hand, tend to stick to a more muted color palette, and their boxy designs can look a little out of place in a stylish outdoor entertaining area. In terms of functionality, both styles of cooler perform well, but the Outside Gang cooler has some additional features that make it ideal for entertaining. For example, the built-in bottle opener is a handy addition that will save you time running back and forth to the fridge, and the removable tray allows it to be setup as a mini bar. If you are bbq-ing the chopping board lid is perfect for food prep, serving snacks whilst you keep drinks and food chilled inside. Also great to use as a serving platter when at the beach or park. 

So, if you're after a stylish and functional cooler for your next outdoor party or event, the Outside Gang cooler is a great option. 

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