Some of the best home and garden accounts to follow now

We’ll be the first to admit we may spend a little too long flicking through the ‘gram for home and garden inspiration. There are hundreds of thousands of creatives on social media, all creating, sharing, giving tips and ideas and sharing products they love. 

We thought we’d put a list together of some of our favourite and influential social media accounts for home and garden trends. There’s quite a variety, so there’s something for everyone!

ideal setting for ice bucket with lid


Based in York, UK and a self-proclaimed ‘interior obsessed story addict’, Lisa’s feed gives us life. She’s queen of the gallery wall and her house and interiors are to die for. She’s a great one to follow if you’re into upcycling and reclaiming beautiful artefacts from the charity shop and turning them into something even more beautiful. She's also hilarious. Watching her stories everyday cracks us up!!

bath time with an ice bucket with lid


If it’s colour inspiration you’re after, look no further! The interiors we’ve seen from Lissi have had us daydreaming for hours about changes we could make to our home. It’s an eclectic look and we’re here for it. A particular favourite is her bathroom, check the colour of her bath! Can’t help but feel that our egg yolk cooler would look good in there...Who doesn’t want a wine in the bath? Also.. she has two very cute cats that appear in her stories on the regs.

outdoor ice bucket with lid


If stripped back, minimalistic style is more your thing, then Zara has it in buckets. Her house is stunning, but it’s her garden we’ve particularly got eyes for. Her outdoor bar setup, teamed with stunning sun loungers, outdoor rug and plants makes it look as though her home is actually a 5* hotel in the Maldives. We wouldn’t mind holidaying here! Oh, and her son Pax is absolutely adorable. 

garden ice bucket with lid


Balancing on the minimalistic side again is Carly’s home and garden. She’s in the process of renovating her living room at the moment and we can’t wait to see how it’s going to turn out. Her garden is a paradise, complete with a hot tub, and is certainly somewhere we wouldn’t mind spending a few hours with a glass of fizz or three.  

living room and ice bucket with lid


Two words. Interior goals. In the process of updating her 1930’s Mancunian suburb semi-detached home, you’ll find yourself scrolling through the entirety of Vicky’s feed from start to finish. There’s so much character, colour and class to her home that we’re considering asking her to let us move in. The colours in her living room are something of a favourite of ours. That wall/sofa colour combination is stunning.

garden and pool with an ice bucket with lid


This is genuinely one of the nicest and cutest gardens we’ve ever seen. The only thing missing is an Outside Gang cooler. We’re talking gorgeous lanterns, beautiful flowers and plants, and even a dipping pool. We imagine it’s the sort of place you could lose hours in without even trying.

Who’s your home and garden inspiration? Let us know and we may feature them next time!

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