Quick and easy ways to give your garden a makeover!

 From the end of this month, we will be allowed to mix with friends and family again in our gardens. This is the perfect excuse to spruce up your garden! 

Giving your garden a makeover doesn’t have to cost a bomb. Here’s a list of quick and easy DIY tricks that will give your garden an instant facelift in time for the summer months.

Paint your fence or shed
You probably don’t think about your garden fence that much. It’s there to serve a purpose and not to look pretty. But a fresh lick of paint is the quick-win you didn’t know you needed! It will transform for your garden! You can stick to neutral colours like grey or black or you could try sage green – it’s great for making your fence blend in and for drawing attention to your plants. Or you can even make a statement with your fence! Choose a colour scheme for you garden and you can co-ordinate your fence, your furniture and your Outside Gang drinks cooler!

Jet wash your patio
This is another massively underrated task. But take a look at some before and after pictures of jet washing and you will see what we mean! Buying a jet washer and spending a Saturday afternoon in the garden is definitely  a lot quicker and cheaper than getting a new patio, but it will have the same effect!

Plant some plants
Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned gardener, adding some plants to your garden doesn’t have to be a chore, and they will really brighten up your outside space. If you’re short on space or grass, try adding a couple of plant pots or hanging baskets. If you do have the space, why not add your own vegetable patch? Here’s a run-down of 10 easy-to-grow plants for first-time gardeners. As it looks like we’re going to be spending a lot of time at home this summer, it’s the perfect time to start growing some plants! Plus, gardening is proven to reduce stress which we all need after the last year! 

Make or upcycle some furniture.
Of course, you’ll be needing some furniture for when your friends and family come to visit. But garden furniture can be super expensive. So why not make your own? Wooden pallets are affordable and have a cool rustic look – check out Homebase’s ideas for building furniture from wooden pallets. A few pallets and a couple of colourful cushions and you’ve got yourself an outdoor sofa for next to nothing (and very limited DIY ability required!) Alternatively, if you’ve got some old furniture you were planning to throw out, why not find a use for it in the garden? Old drawers or saucepans make excellent plant pots!

Hang some outdoor fairy lights
You can bring a touch of magic to your outside space with some solar powered fairy lights. Perfect for those spring evenings when your friends are gathered around your fire pit or outdoor drinks cooler! Solar powered lights are ideal as they don’t need to be plugged in, meaning you can hang them in a tree or along the fence without tripping over wires. Or you can try putting fairy lights inside an old jar – it makes a lovely ornament for an outdoor table!

Create a birdfeeder
Nothing says homely garden like having some wild birds coming to say hello! Not only do birdfeeders keep the birds well fed, but they will also allow you to catch a glimpse of some birds that otherwise stay hidden in the tree tops! We love these DIY bird feeders – really cheap AND they look really unique!

Build a herb garden.
A herb garden is perfect for those that want to have a go at growing something but maybe don’t have the space for big pots or flower beds. Herbs like mint, basil and coriander will grow in small containers and don’t require too much light so all you really need as a couple of shelves. Plus you get the added bonus of having your own herbs to cook with once you’ve grown them. There’s something very satisfying about cooking with something from your own garden!

These ideas will give your garden an instant boost with very little effort. As the chance to reunite with friends and family in our gardens approaches, why not make it extra special by having a garden that you’re proud of? And of course, when you can have people round to sit on your pallet sofa, admire your plants and make mojitos with mint from your garden, don’t forget your Outside Gang drinks cooler to chill that rum and soda water!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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