Level up your camping game

The great outdoors hugely inspires us. The open space, greenery, sky and freedom to do what you want all make us desperate to pack up the car and escape for a weekend of camping.

Bringing a cooler with you on your next camping trip is a fantastic idea. Multipurpose is the way forward with camping accessories, and the shorter legged cooler is no different.

The insulated basin ensures your drinks will stay cool for up to 16+ hours with the lid on, its shorter legs make it a convenient cleaning and food prep area – the ideal camping companion.

ice bucket with lid next to tent

Another multifunctional tool that comes in really handy while camping is the plug; use it as a sink to wash up, clean food for dinner or store things in a chilled environment, thanks to the mineral oiled bamboo lid.

But why not take things a step further and use the lid as a food preparation area? Bamboo is a fantastic sustainable material to use because it’s super hygienic and easy to clean, meaning you could also use it to serve your freshly cooked food! Our chopping lid is mineral oiled so fit for use with food.

With our drinks coolers, the shorter legs make it the perfect height for camping. How about using it to play cards under the stars once you’ve got the fire going? Or use it as an extra surface for drinks. We all know how annoying it is kicking your freshly-poured drink over!
Warning: once you’ve been camping with a cooler, you’ll be lost without it.

drinks cooler for camping

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