How to keep your drinks colder for longer

Have you ever filled up a bucket full of ice to keep your drinks cold for a party or gathering, only to return to said bucket an hour later to find your drinks submerged in lukewarm water? Us too.

That’s one of the many reasons Outside Gang was born, but there are a few tips and tricks we picked up along the way to ensure our drinks start cool and stay cool!

Ensure you have more ice than volume of drinks

This might sound like a simple solution, but so many of us are guilty of overfilling our ice buckets with drinks, and not allowing enough ice in to actually cool them. You want a healthy amount of ice to be taking space up in the cooler. If you’ve gone for one of our ice coolers, they chil drinks for 16+ hours with the lid on. 

The way our insulated coolers work is, when the lid is on, the warmer air outside the cooler has a smaller chance of getting in as the insulated cooler walls and the lid acts as a second barrier, too. 

Pre-chill drinks

If you’ve got the fridge space, it’s ideal to pre-chill drinks before you toss them into the cooler. It means the ice in the bucket will have to do less work, and will be longer lasting.

Drinks cooler

If in the sun, keep the champagne tray or bamboo lid on for as long as possible

If you’re one of the cool cats with an Outside Gang cooler, you’ll know that they’ve been created to keep drinks cooler for even longer. Whether you’ve got the party tray lid or bamboo lid, keep it on for as long as possible to ensure the cooler remains as cold as it can. If your cooler is placed in the sun, it’s even more imperative that you keep the lid on!

All about layers - ice then drinks then ice

Layer it up! When you’re making your drinks, start with ice in the bottom of the glass. Then, add your desired beverage and top up with even more ice. The result? Icy cold drinks which will stay cold for as long as the drink lasts!

If using cooler open, keep out of direct sunlight to make ice last longer

If you’re using an ice bucket or one of our coolers without the lid on, ensure it remains out of direct sunlight to make the ice last longer. No-one wants to be fishing their bottles of beer out from luke-warm water!

Use an insulated tumbler

As well as keeping your drinks cool in a wine cooler, go the extra mile by using an insulated tumbler, too. This means your drinks will have an even longer chilled life, as the ice won’t be melting as quickly as you cradle that second (or sixth) glass of wine or gin. Don’t worry, we’re not judging you!

If you’ve got a bit of extra time and fancy checking out our range of cooler tables in our shop. And if you have any queries simply fill in the form on our contact page, or email us at

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