This is the exact date to buy garden furniture...

While most of us are still getting through selection boxes and sweeping up Christmas tree needles... some people are already on the hunt for their next patio set.

According to Ideal Home, Feb 7th is the date we should all start buying our garden furniture. This is when outdoor furniture brands start to see an increase in demand, and well, all the good stuff starts to sell.

We must admit, as soon as the first bulbs start to bloom, we boom into Spring cleaning mode... We de-wintered the front garden at the weekend ready for new plants and will be getting started on the back garden soon too. We all know March can deliver some fabulous weather so this year we are getting a head start to get maximum use of our outdoor spaces!

Our drinks coolers are the perfect addition to any garden, and with 10 colours to choose from we're sure we have one to suit every garden at this point!!

Fabulous garden is from @pauls.and.lees.home

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