How to spend Christmas in lockdown, and still have fun!

With the UK in lockdown 2.0, and Christmas just around the corner, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But fear not, whether you’re planning a household family Christmas, or it’s just you and your ‘bubble’ partner, there are plenty of ways you can make this Christmas as special as all of the others.

The smaller celebrations will force us all to take a more chilled approach to Christmas this year, and we’re excited to spend time with our nearest and dearest, without the usual stress of the festive period.

Here’s a few ways you can make the day as festive and enjoyable as possible.

writing Christmas cards to thank for outdoor drinks cooler gifts

Making your Christmas cards

Make the most of the time we all have to spend inside by getting crafty and making your Christmas cards this year. It’ll keep you (and the kids!) entertained for hours and adds a lovely personal touch for those receiving them who might be missing you this Christmas. You could even use bits of magazines and paper you find round the house for some of the designs - meaning it’s and eco-friendly way to send cards, too. We love some of these designs and ideas from Good Housekeeping.

Create an activity advent calendar

This one can be for the adults or the kids...or both! Create an advent calendar of sorts by using a branch or the Christmas tree, and attach numbered pouches from 1-24 to be taken off for each day in December in the run up to Christmas.

“But what’s in the pouches?!” we hear you cry! Fill them with a piece of paper containing a festival activity for the day. It could be anything from toasting marshmallows by the fire, making Christmas cookies or going on a nighttime lantern walk. You could even add an item to the pouch associated with the activity, such as a cookie cutter for the baking or a torch for the nighttime walk.

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Zoom games

We know, we thought this time of our lives had passed too. But there’s no denying that Zoom and other online video call platforms are the best way to keep in touch with loved ones, especially throughout the festive period. Rather than a standard quiz (we genuinely don’t think we could do another), how about playing games instead? 

Games such as pictionary and bingo are fun to play with the kids, though if it’s an adults only night, there’s an online ‘Cards Against Humanity’ platform, and plenty of other drinking games such as ‘Never Have I Ever’ and ‘Most Likely To’. 

If you’re feeling brave, it’s possible to play beer pong too. Set up the game as you usually would, and the person on the other end of the screen sets up a full game too. Play as you would usually, and if you manage to get the ball in one of the cups, the person on the other end of the call drinks from the associating cup and removes it from the table. Simple! Don’t forget to keep your drinks cooler close to make drink top ups even easier! It might be worth keeping some snacks in there too...

Dress up for Christmas dinner

This one might sound simple, but seeing as though we’ve currently got nowhere to dress up for, encourage your household to make the effort and get dressed up for Christmas dinner. Whether you’re spending it as a family, as a couple, or virtually with friends, it’ll feel good to put on your favourite dress or shirt and get spruced up.

Don’t forget to utilise your cooler table for Christmas dinner. Whether you’re using the chopping board to prep the starters at the table or to keep the champagne on ice ready to ‘cheers’ to the end of 2020...I think we’re all ready for it!

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