Hire Outside Gang Drinks Coolers for your party or event

We can now hire our premium drinks coolers for corporate events, parties, weddings, engagements, baby showers, celebrity launch parties...

They make great centre pieces with shorter legs, or as free standing drinks showpieces with taller legs. We have a range of colours to appeal to different themes and they really add a touch of class to any event!

How much do they hold?
6 bottles of wine/prosecco/champagne or
20 bottles of beer

How much are they to hire?
£30 each or £35 with LED lights
There will be a discount if you hire more than 10 coolers.

Where do you deliver?
At the moment we deliver around Manchester and Cheshire for a £50 fee, but we will quote for parties outside of these areas.

How much ice is needed in each cooler?
We would say 3 bags of ice per cooler is enough.

How long will the ice last?
Depending on the temperature of the event, 4-8 hours. 

What colours are available?
Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Faux Stone finishes and glitter finishes.

Technical Info
The coolers are double wall insulated and use ice to keep drinks cool. (We recommend 3 bags of ice per cooler and to put the ice on top of the drinks to create a shield against external heat. Our coolers do not condensate, unlike silver champagne buckets. 

Please get in touch with jess@outsidegang.com for more information and to make a booking!

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