Why a cooler table is the perfect hot tub accessory

We’ve all been there at some point in time. Sat in the hot tub - glass of wine or fizz in hand and before you know it, the glasses are empty. What follows is a five-minute conversation about whose next to get out of the warm and relaxing oasis you’re in to get the next drink.

Solve that problem with one of our drinks coolers. They’re the perfect height for hot tubs and jacuzzis, and are definitely the accessory you’ll be needing this season.

Not only are these tables a garden design statement and incredibly Facebook photo worthy, their 16 litre capacity means you literally won’t need to move a muscle all night, as there’s plenty of space for all of the fizz! Our cooler tables won’t take up valuable hot tub space either, much like other clip-on hot tub accessories. It sits perfectly in line with your hot tub, acting as an extension of space, rather than a reduction.  

The Outside Gang cooler will surely impress friends and family. It not only looks great, but comes handy with a champagne tray for serving. The chopping board feature is the perfect place to chop, garnish and spruce those late-afternoon gin and tonics, too. You can transform your drinks cooler into a mini-bar without even needing to leave the hot tub. 

free standing wine cooler next to jacuzzi

Because our coolers are hot tub height, movie nights are back on the table - pardon the pun. Prop the laptop or tablet up onto the table - drinks cooling underneath, and prepare for a movie night with a difference. Hot tub movie nights in the garden? Sorted.

Or, if the kids have infiltrated your quiet time, store juices and fresh fruit in the ice cooler, and use the chopping board for tabletop games. Keep your drinks and snacks cold, and the entire family happy.

The uniqueness of the design means you can opt for the open top cooler feature, if you fancy shaking things up a bit. Perfect for something a little more celebratory, you can keep three bottles of bubbly nice and cold - with one standing and two underneath; and the champagne tray is the perfect place to perch your glasses.

Whether you’re sat in the hot tub in the height of summer or during a downpour (hopefully, you’ve got shelter!) there’s no need to worry about the cooler table as it’s entirely weather proof. Just don’t forget to take your bamboo chopping board inside so it doesn’t get rain or moisture damage!

Our coolers are the perfect hot tub accessory. Suitable for solitary relaxing nights in the jacuzzi, or for when you’ve got the whole gang round. The perfect product to keep your drinks cold, your glasses perched and guests relaxed. 

And if you want to keep your drinks cooler for even longer, grab a couple of insulated tumblers, giving you even less reason to get out of the hot tub! You’re welcome.

Check out our range of cooler tables via our shop and if you have any queries simply fill in the form on our contact page, or email us at contact@outsidegang.com

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