The best Halloween-themed snacks and treats

It’s official, October is here. And with it comes falling leaves, cooler evenings and everyone’s favourite holiday...Halloween! Whether you’re planning a party at home with the kids, or a night in with some scary films and tasty snacks, we’ve found a couple of our favourite recipes to make Halloween in lockdown as enjoyable as it can be!

Spider Biscuits

These are perfect to make with the kids - whether you want to allow them to get fully into the mess of making the biscuit mixture, or you’re happy to let their artistic juices flow, and leave them to do the decorating, it’s a great couple of hours to spend in the kitchen as a family.

And you don’t have to stick to spider decorations either, think pumpkins, witches and wizards and even spooky ghosts.

Get the recipe here.

Pumpkin Pie

We’ve all been there - pumpkins meticulously planned, carved and displayed with pride. Now, what do we do with all the insides? Make a pumpkin pie, of course! This sweet treat is very moreish, and we can’t take responsibility for the number of calories you may or may not consume. This pumpkin pie is best served with a dollop of fresh, zesty whipped cream.

Get the recipe here.

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Roasted pumpkin fondue

If you’ve got a pumpkin going spare, or you fancy spooking up an otherwise un-spooky dish, this roasted pumpkin fondue is the absolute centrepiece to any Halloween themed dinner.

This recipe doesn’t require you to use the pumpkin flesh, so be sure to keep it to one side to blend into a tasty soup. 

When it comes to the fondue itself, make sure you have some crusty bread to dip into the gooey, cheesy goodness, and get creative with whatever else you’d like to dip. Keep it simple with some roast potatoes and cherry tomatoes, or go wild with some bacon and pickles. Don’t judge us until you’ve tried it. 

You could always keep your drinks cooler to one side of the table to keep the beer and wine cool, while you chat and dip the night away, without needing to move a muscle. You can always use your chopping board atop of your cooler to prepare the vegetables and bread to dip as you go along - this also means you won’t chop too much beforehand and cause unnecessary food waste. 

Get the recipe.

Grasshopper cocktail

This one’s for the adults only. If you’re wanting to up your alcohol game this halloween, this spooky-looking grasshopper cocktail might be just what you’ve been looking for. With its bright green colour, this minty cocktail will certainly look the part, and it tastes insanely good, too. 

If it’s a party you’re hosting, or you’ve chosen to spend Halloween camping in some creepy woods, prep all of your ingredients for this cocktail and keep them fresh in your cooler.

Want the recipe? Find it here.

From Tesco Food[/caption]

Monster Bites

These monster bites look incredible, and taste great too. Kids will love them and adults will most definitely be Instagramming them. This easy Halloween recipe involves turning spooky green scones into scary monsters with smoked ham, Edam cheese and pimento olives. 

You can chop and change the fillings if they’re not to taste - it’s the green scones which make this recipe particularly spooky. Super easy and super fun!

Get the recipe here.

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