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Ice bucket tables are becoming as necessary as coffee tables. Who can say no to a cool table to show off at the next party that provides iced beverages all day long? A well-designed ice table bucket should accommodate a good number of drinks. These are quick and easy-to-clean, maintain ice for extended periods of time and can also be used as cocktail side tables.

What Is An Ice Bucket Table?

An ice bucket table is a table and an ice bucket brought together. It is a table with a built-in ice bucket that keeps its contents cool for long periods. It is a stylish beverage option to show off, instead of tacky plastic side tables used otherwise to make drinks easy to reach. 

Although ice bucket tables can be kept both indoor and outdoor, they should be kept indoors during unpredictable weather. Our Outside Gang options are super-stylish tables and are available with awesome advancements like height-adjustable tabletops, rising table ice buckets, rattan adjustable ice bucket tables, etc. 

Ice bucket table
Advantages and Disadvantages of an Ice Bucket Table

There are several advantages of having an ice bucket table. We have listed our favourite below:

A Cool Table – Literally!

The most obvious advantage is that these tables have built-in ice buckets, so they keep your beverages cool. The table is an additional convenience to put your drinks on. Ice buckets without tables look extremely disorganised otherwise. 


These tables look uber stylish in any setting. They complement any party table with amazing and popular designs in the market. 

Keeping Away From the Freezer

Ice bucket tables eliminate the need for a freezer by instantly storing ice or cold beverages. These are a great way to keep the guests away from your fridge while simultaneously keeping the party smooth in an organised way.

Long-lasting and Portable

Though these tables are not cheap, they last a long time. Portability is one of our table’s best features. You can use these in any room you like, lend them to someone, or even take them with you to enjoy the outdoors.

The only disadvantages could be related to the fact that they do not come pre-filled with drinks. 

ice bucket table in the UK

Ice Bucket Table Materials we have seen in the Market


Choosing a rattan ice bucket table will prove to be expensive. Rattan can gradually start to come apart; hence, the loose weaves will make it look older than it is. 


If stainless steel is your material of preference for an ice bucket table, the first issue will be rust as a result of improper care. These tables are portable but if it is steel, it’d be harder to move. Steel also conducts heat in summer so the ice bucket’s performance may suffer.

How Much Do Ice Bucket Tables Cost On Average?

The cost of ice bucket tables depends on the material and design you want to buy. For instance, rattan and stainless steel are more expensive than wood or plastic. Other factors include the market price and the brand of your choice, etc.


Typical costs of an ice bucket table range between £49.99 and £250 

Ice Bucket Table - The Range

Transform the way you entertain your guests with the super stylish insulated Outside Gang’s ice bucket tables. We offer the most affordable tables with unique design options available on all models.

Rising Table with Ice Bucket

If you want to replace your standard dining table, a rising table with an ice bucket is just right for you. The table helps to keep the drinks chilled and allows you and your guests to dine. Use coasters and mats to protect the surface of your table.

Rattan Adjustable Ice Bucket Table for Garden and Outdoor

A good decision for your garden and outdoor entertainment space could be to invest in a rattan adjustable ice bucket table. You may have to follow a routine of cleaning and maintenance, but these stylish tables make offer a stylish alternative to other models on the market.

Care Instructions

Make sure to get all the table’s necessary care instructions from where you purchase it. Wipe it with warm, soapy water, and then dry thoroughly. 

Warranty Information

Warranty depends on the material of the table and the authenticity of the place you buy it from. Make sure to check all warranty instructions before use to ensure proper care for your new purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Ice Bucket Tables

  • What is an ice bucket for?

An ice bucket is a storage utensil that holds ice to create a cool environment for keeping items cold, such as drinks or food. It’s most common use is to store and serve ice and chilled beverages in kitchens, buffets, bars, and parties. These are available in a variety of materials such as plastic, steel, glass, copper, rattan, etc. 

  • What is the ice holder called?

“Ice bucket” is often the term used to describe a big ice holder. A glass ice container is called a “carafe”, which is usually used to serve wine. 

  • How long does ice last in an ice bucket?

Generally, ice buckets can keep the ice in its frozen state for as long as 18 hours. There are other factors on which the duration of ice in its original state depends, like the material of the ice bucket, the size and type of ice you are keeping in the bucket, whether the bucket has insulation or not, and if the ice bucket is kept covered or not, etc. 

  • What is the best ice bucket?

The best ice bucket would be the one made of stainless steel for many reasons. Stainless steel is highly unlikely to break if you drop the bucket, it’s easy to clean and disinfect, it’s a food-grade material so it doesn’t emit chemicals into items put in the bucket (like ice), and it’s sleek and shiny, which adds to the curb appeal of its surroundings. Contact Outside Gang today to purchase an ice bucket or an ice bucket table.

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