A Message From Founder Graham

Hi, this is a Graham, founder of Outside Gang, thank you to all our customers that have been on this journey with us so far, it is wonderful to hear that you enjoy using our products and we enjoy making them!

outside gang product update price increases 2023

We want to continue to grow the range of different colours, different versions and different accessories for you so wanted to talk about price increases we’ve been hit with massive cost increases in our production. 

So far we haven’t increased our prices but unfortunately we’re going to have to increase them by a minimal amount on the 1st of March 2023, our prices will be increased by 10% and I want you to know first.

Secondly this year we will only sell to you direct, through our website and through our secondary sites like Etsy. This ensures you get the fairest price, on a great product that’s well made locally, here in the UK.

For the video update please click here!

Thanks again, looking forward to the summer!!