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The best time to show off your newly-bought beer chiller is at a backyard party that you are planning to host at home. One of the essentials in any party is ice-cold beverages and beer happens to be the most favoured among guests on a hot day. If you don’t have one already, this blog by Outside Gang will provide amazing facts to make your purchase decision easy. 

Most beverage refrigerators cool between 8°C and 1°C. The noise level of these coolers is similar to a full-size refrigerator. 

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How Does A Motorised Beer Chiller Work?

Beer chillers usually consist of an open acrylic cylinder with air-filled double walls. The double walls provide thermal insulation, which prevents warm air from reaching the beverages, hence keeping them cool according to your preferred temperature. A beer bottle kept in the fridge creates a pool of cold air, and because the density of colder air is higher than that of the warmer air, the cooler air stays inside the beer refrigerator.

Our Outside Gang coolers work using the same science, however, they do not depend on electricity or a motor. Simply add ice and cover with a lid.


Cleaning a beer chiller is not any different to cleaning a standard refrigerator. But don’t forget to check the manual of the device to follow the proper cleaning instructions. 

The cleaning and maintenance depends upon whether your beer chiller has auto-defrost or manual defrost. Auto defrost models heat the internal coils on a regular basis to melt away any ice buildup. Remember to gently wipe off the coils on the back of the machine about every 6 months to keep free of dust and other build-ups. This will also keep a beer chiiler unit running smoothly. A manual defrost unit must be emptied of all contents and then unplugged to allow it to defrost. It is recommended to do this process outside to prevent any potential damage from water leaks.

Difference between a Regular Refrigerator and a Motorised Beer Chiller

A beer chiller or beverage refrigerator is smaller than a traditional refrigerator. Hence, it saves you money by using less energy. They usually contain glass doors to display beverages and have adjustable shelves made of glass or steel. The shelves are perforated for better circulation of cold air. Beer refrigerators are explicitly designed for keeping beverages whereas regular refrigerators store all items.

Other Special Features

Most beer refrigerators or motorised beer chillers include digital temperature control which allows you to see exact temperature readout and adjust easily. These also have LED lighting, which is energy-saving and more long-lasting than a traditional refrigerator. Most devices also have reversible doors. Reversible doors offer the flexibility of adjusting the item’s front door to hinge and open in either direction. 

As an alternative and a more cost-effective solution, we have designed the Outside Gang beer chiller to offer a portable, stylish alternative to chilling your beers at any party or trip away. Avoid the need for a source of electricity and simply add ice. Our beer chillers can fit up to 25 bottles of beer, or 16 bottles of beer with the lid on. It can keep beers chilled for up to 16 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do beer chillers work?

Beer chillers work at a great capacity provided they are kept in suitable environments and properly maintained. It is a device that fits the criteria to keep your most valued beverages at the perfect ready-to-drink temperature. Timely cleaning and maintenance of beer refrigerators can help last the device for a long time while running smoothly. 


What are beer chiller rods?

Chiller rods are stainless steel, portable rods that chill your drink instantly and keep them cold for a long time. Make sure to buy the best quality chiller rods as these rods come in direct contact with your beer, by going into the bottle. 


Why are beer refrigerators expensive?

Beer chillers are not that expensive considering their usefulness and functionality. Built-in beer refrigerators are more expensive than freestanding ones because of their complex design. When buying a beverage cooler, its desired location should be kept in mind to make the purchase accordingly. 

Best Beer Chillers in the UK

This guide covered everything you need to help you decide which device would be best suited to chill your beverage of choice - be it juice, wine, beer, or soda. If you can’t answer ‘what to buy?’ we have the answers to ensure that you have a stash of crisp, cold drinks for your next big event.

Outside Gang’s Beer Chiller

The best beer cooler is designed and distributed by Outside Gang. Head out now and forget about the hot weather stopping you from throwing a party and enjoying a chilled beverage right from your Outside Gang new beer chiller. 

Take your food and drinks outside with our portable beer cooler. Our beer chiller’s chilled beverages remain cold for at least 16 hours when the lid is on, so you can focus on the things that matter most at the party.